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$88 Cultural & Theme Tours

Palenque Archaelogical Site, Misol-Ha Waterfall Full-Day Trip

Discover ancient Mayan ruins and waterfalls located in Chiapas on this full day tour from Villahermosa. Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is believed to be an ancient Mayan capital. Relax at one world-class waterfall, isol-Ha, known for their impressive curtain of water over 20 meters high and stunning jungle setting.After pickup from your hotel in Villahermosa, depart with diraction to Palenque in an air-conditioned minivan for a full-day cultural and archaeological tour. Your first stop is the Palenque archaeological site (Located in Chiapas 2.5 hours away from Villahermosa), once an important Mayan capital city. The ruins date back to 226 BC and are surrounded by jungle. Much of the history of this ancient civilization is interpreted by hieroglyphics inscribed on the monuments. Before the visit we will have time to take a breakfast and then continue with the visit to this amazing archaeological site. Spend 2 hours learning about Mayan culture and and this fascinating civilization. Next is the Misol-Ha Waterfall (1 hour of visiting), which is115-foot-high (35-meter) and goes down a jagged cliff. Enjoy a swim here during your visit. You can buy some snacks while here and then board the vehicle to head back to your hotel.

$78 Cultural & Theme Tours

The Chocolate Route and Comalcalco Archaelogical Site Day Trip

The adventure starts early morning leaving from your hotel in Villahermosa with direction to Comalcalco Archaelogical Site (“House of Frying Pans” in Nahuatl). This is one of the most important ancient cities in Tabasco, and the only Mayan city built with bricks of baked clay instead of stone. This amazing archaeological site is made up of three complexes: the North Square, the Great Acropolis and the Acropolis of the East. Its impressive Site Museum houses around 300 pieces portraying the development of this ancient city. It is, thankfully, easily reached via Villahermosa, at just 50 kilometers from the city. Approximately 2 hours.In Comalcalco you will visit Hacienda Jesús María’s or Hacienda La Luz cacao farm. Here you will see and participate in the harvest, cleaning and drying of the cacao seeds; you will learn how the plants of Creole cacao are grafted and will take a workshop where you will learn the recipe for making traditional chocolate and other chocolate-based dishes. In the Hacienda there is a store where you will be able to choose from a wide selection of products all made from Creole Cacao and fruits grown in the Hacienda. for approximately 3 hours. After your visit, relax on the trip back to your hotel.

$98 Cultural & Theme Tours

Tenosique Mayan Adventure with Pomona, Palenque, Cheese Tour

After a 6am pickup at your hotel, depart Villahermosa in an air-conditioned minivan for this full-day cultural and archaeological tour. Your first stop is the Palenque archaeological site, once an important Mayan capital city. The ruins date back to 226 BC and are surrounded by jungle. Spend two hours on a guided tour, learning about Mayan culture and what life was like during the peak of this fascinating civilization.Your second stop is the archaeological site of Pomona. Once was the center of an important kingdom that occupied a pivotal place in the western Maya Lowland, Pomona was positioned between the two great powers of the Classic Maya Period: Calakmul and Palenque.After exploring the ruins, continue to the town of Tenosique for a unique culinary experience. Arrive at the Finca los Alvarez farm and see the workshop where cheeses like Provolone, Manchego, and Tio Rodo are made. Sample Queso de Poro, a traditional regional cheese with a creamy flavor.Return to your hotel around 7pm to conclude the tour.

$55 Cultural & Theme Tours

Sierra Route Tour with Cocona Caves, Tapijulapa and Oxolotan

Depart from your hotel in Villahermosa Tabasco, and begin the scenic journey to Cocona Caves in Teapa. You will discover and admire amazing stalactites and stalagmites as well as a gorgeous indoor lake and cascades. Also you will find several galleries and magnificent limestone formations. We will have time to admire the biodiversity of this natural paradise inside of the tropical Jungle.( 1.45 hours of visit).The area is covered by a dense layer of vegetation that in the high mountain region.After the visit, the second stop will be Tapijulapa Magical Town (Since 2008). A walk through the cobbled streets of Tapijulapa is a genuine delight, as its alleyways lead to the main square, with its bandstand and hanging gardens. The importance of this town is its urban design combining the freedom with the exuberant natural surrounding. Its most emblematic building its the Santiago Apostol Church building in the 17th century. You will also be able to admire the work of skilled local craftsmen as they make and weave wooden furniture. (1.30 hours of visit).Finally you will visit the Oxolotan Ex Convent. The trip ends at Oxolotan, 17 kilometers from Tapijulapa. Right on the banks of the Oxolotan River, you will stop by the downtown area to admire the Santo Domingo de Guzman Church and former convent. Built around 1572, the former convent is now a colonial-era art museum, although small it has a number of notable pieces. (45 mins of visit).You will have time to take our lunch for then return to your minivan to relax during the journey back to your hotel in Villahermosa.

$65 Tours & Sightseeing

Villahermosa Half-Day Tour with La Venta Museum

Villahermosa is capital of the State of Tabasco, known as "La Esmeralda del Sureste", offers many attractions to visitors on a lush natural beauty, represented in the vegetation of the parks, rivers and beautiful lagoons. Departure from the hotel or airport.You will start the tour with a visit to La Venta Park Museum, symbol of Olmeca Culture and tourist atraction of the city. La Venta archaeological site was located on an Island in a swampy near the Golf of Mexico. Due to the construction of an oil refinery and an airport, big parts of this historical site were destroyed. The very impressing pieces found there have been moved to La Venta Park Museum. The poet Carlos Pellicer Cámara initiated the foundation of this open-air Museum in 1952, 36 megalithic stone structures have been transported from La Venta archaeological site and have been erected here in the park in Villahermosa. The park museum is surrounded by a zoo, with local animals, such as spider monkey and Jaguars.Then you will go towards the interpretation center and living with nature " Yumká " majestic Ecological Reserve allows to know the ecosystem  and view the animals in full freedom.Return to Villahermosa and enjoy this beautiful city in a city tour by car.Your tour ends with Hotel drop off.

$87 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Comalcalco and Cacao Farm from Villahermosa

Start your tour visiting a Mayan ancient city located in the lowlands of Tabasco "Comalcalco Archaeological Zone", the only city built with clay bricks.Then we visit a cocoa farm in Comalcalco town where you will learn the true history and development of the chocolate, and enjoy many activities. At the farm you will be able to observe tropical plants and the exotic fruits and trees of the region. You will then  be able to trek inside the cocoa plantation and learn about the cultivation processes, biological characteristics, varieties and very interesting facts about their care.Later, you will go to the showroom where prehispanic utensils and tools used in activities related to cocoa and chocolate are showed. This route is inside one of the warehouses where cocoa fermentation is done and where the chocolate making process begins. Workers are toiling in the same cellar, so you can learn the history of cocoa and chocolate and their transformation processes.Visit the chocolate factory and learn about the entire process of making chocolate and handcrafted traditional recipes, as well as European modern techniques. Afterwards you will take a tour of Casa Grande and will have a tasting of different cocoa drinks and chocolates before being dropped off at the hotel.

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