Casa Madero

Northeast Mexico

This, the first winery in the Americas, was established at Parras in 1597, a year before the town itself sprang up. It’s now an industrial-sized operation exporting wine all over the world, although it's still housed on pleasingly old-fashioned premises. Casa Madero offers 45-minute tours through the history of winemaking. You can also just come for tastings – M$300 for three wines, served in the building next to the chapel.

On weekends, Casa Madero also offers one-hour tours through the vineyards, either on horseback (M$330) or carriage (M$600 for three people). From near the main plaza in Parras, catch one of the hourly buses (M$20) that pass the winery; just tell your driver where you want to get off. Or take a taxi (M$80); the winery is 7km north of Parras.

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