Jardín Botánico Xoxoctic

East of Mexico City

A small but delightful botanical garden in a mountain forest with fine views 4km northeast of central Cuetzalan. Admission includes a Spanish-speaking guide who can explain the various local plants such as giant ferns, tropical cherries and endangered species, plus exotic orchids in the hothouse and butterflies in the butterfly house. It's an enjoyable stop on the way to Yohualichán.

Take a colectivo (M$6, 15 minutes, frequent) with the sign 'Yohualichán' or 'San Antonio Rayón' from outside Hotel Posada Molina on Alvarado, four blocks northwest of the zócalo. The same colectivos continue 15 minutes to Yohualichán. A taxi from the zócalo or Yohualichán is about M$50.

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