Capilla de la Candelaria


The pale salmon-painted Capilla de la Candelaria dates from 1779. Its mid vault is made of Veracruz coral stone and the interior is elaborately painted.

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1. Museo Salvador Ferrando

0.05 MILES

Named after a Tlacotalpan artist, this is the best of Tlacotalpan's handful of mini-museums based within a charming old colonial mansion. Its exhibits are…

2. Parroquía San Cristobal

0.05 MILES

This neoclassical church, begun in 1812, is gorgeously painted in blue and white and is the star of Plaza Zaragoza.

3. Casa Cultural de Agustín Lara


This museum features old photos of Tlacotalpan, and those of tlacotalpeño Agustín Lara (1900–70) – a legendary musician, composer and Casanova – as well…

4. Villin Montalio

0.15 MILES

Tlacotalpan is well known for its locally made cedar furniture, including rocking chairs. Drop by this workshop in business since 1944 to see it being…

5. Teatro Netzahualcóyotl


Step into the gorgeous French-style Teatro Netzahualcoyotl, built in 1891, and the caretaker will turn on the auditorium and stage lights so you can take…

6. Museo Zoológico


Lovers of the utterly bizarre should hotfoot it to the home of Don Pío Barrán. He keeps several enormous crocodiles and a range of artifacts, including a…

7. Museo de Sitio de Tres Zapotes

17.65 MILES

This museum, 21km west of Santiago Tuxtla, showcases important findings from the archaeological site of the same name, inhabited by the mysterious Olmec…

8. Olmec Head

25.57 MILES

Dominating the main plaza, this stone monolith is known as the ‘Cobata Head,’ after the estate where it was found. Thought to be a very late Olmec…