Cañon La Trinidad


Trinity Canyon is great for bird-watchers, with the chance to see vermilion flycatchers, gila woodpeckers and a host of raptors and buteos. The narrow, sherbet-colored canyon walls and shimmering pools of water are stunning, as are the pre-Hispanic cave paintings.

Rendered in shades of ocher and rust, the paintings feature shamans, manta rays, whales and the famous Trinity Deer, leaping gracefully from the walls of the cave as arrows pass harmlessly over its head. You’re not allowed to enter by yourself, but Mulegé native Salvador Castro Drew of Mulegé Tours knows just about everything about the site you’d want to know, including how to avoid the two nasty beehives that ‘guard’ the paintings. He also does taxi runs to other area sites.

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4. Playa Escondido

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A pretty stretch of beach just south of Mulegé. You can't see the beach from the road so look for the unpaved turnoff between kilometer 112 and 111.

5. Bahía Concepción

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