Riviera del Pacífico

Top choice in Ensenada

Opened in the 1930s as Hotel Playa Ensenada, the extravagant Riviera del Pacífico, a Spanish-style former casino, is rumored to have been a haunt of Al Capone, though employees say that's a tall tale. It now houses the Museo de Historia de Ensenada and Bar Andaluz; while the Casa de Cultura offers classes, film screenings and exhibitions. Just strolling around the building and grounds is a delight.

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1. Museo de Historia de Ensenada

0.02 MILES

This small yet interesting museum traces northern Baja history from the indigenous Mexicans to the mission period. Replicas of cave art along the…

2. Museo Historico Regional de Ensenada

0.64 MILES

Built in 1886 and once the Aduana Marítima de Ensenada, the city's oldest public building now houses this historical and cultural museum. It has a…

3. El Mirador

0.98 MILES

Atop the Colinas de Chapultepec, El Mirador offers panoramic views of the city and Bahía de Todos Santos. Climb or drive (note: there’s no off-street…

4. La Bufadora

11.01 MILES

La Bufadora is a popular ‘blowhole’ (really a notch in the rock that sprays waves upward) 40km south of Ensenada. If conditions are right it sends a jet…

5. Museo de la Vid y El Vino

14.59 MILES

Who knew that the first wines in the Americas were produced in Baja? Follow the fascinating history of wine in the region via dioramas (in Spanish, but…