Grande Montagne Nature Reserve


One of the last remaining stands of forest on Rodrigues, this nature reserve crowns the island's summit. The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation has planted more than 200,000 native plant species across more than 25 hectares, and the restoration of this ecosystem has ensured the survival of the Rodrigues fody and the Rodrigues warbler bird species, as well as the Rodrigues fruit bat. The MWF runs free guided tours weekdays and Saturdays – no need to book.

Otherwise trails pass through the forest – though they're not especially well marked, it's difficult to get too lost. Pick up the useful (and free) Grande Montagne Nature Reserve Field Guide at the entrance to help with plant and bird identification. The fine little information centre, where guided tours of the reserve begin, has Rodrigues' most complete solitaire skeleton, as well as a skeleton of the extinct giant tortoises once endemic to the island. There's also a small shop.