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Once every four or five years, female turtles (primarily green turtles but occasionally also hawksbill turtles, olive ridley turtles, and leatherback turtles) swim vast distances – sometimes thousands of kilometres – to lay their eggs on the exact same beach where they themselves hatched. Of every 20 turtles that come ashore in Sarawak to lay eggs, 19 do so on a beach in 19.4-sq-km Talang-Satang National Park. But of the 10,000 eggs a female turtle may lay over the course of her life, which can last 100 years, only one in a thousand is likely to survive into adulthood. To increase these odds, park staff patrol the beaches every night during the egg-laying season (mainly June and July, with fewer in August and a handful in April, May and September) and either transfer the eggs to guarded hatcheries or post guards to watch over them in situ.

Snorkelling and diving are permitted but only within certain designated areas, and divers must be accompanied by an approved guide.

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