Masjid A R Rahman Pulau Perhentian

Pulau Perhentian

This attractive mosque, built over the water, makes an impression as you arrive at the island's main village. If you go inside, you should be respectfully dressed.

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Nearby Pulau Perhentian attractions

1. Petani Beach

0.68 MILES

This small sandy beach is the location of a couple of upmarket resorts.

2. Main Beach

0.71 MILES

Besar’s main beach stretches along the west coast of the island to the southern tip, interrupted by several rocky headlands – you can walk around them on…

3. Love Beach

1.15 MILES

This secluded beach at the south of the island can be reached by a steep and rugged track (around 800m, 20 minutes) from Teluk Dalam.

4. Coral Bay

1.38 MILES

Dead-coral-strewn Coral Beach is aptly named. A construction boom has diminished the quaintness of this once-quiet spot but it's perfect for those wanting…

5. Teluk Dalam


The big island’s ‘southern bite’, this circular bay has a white-sand beach and accommodation in all budget ranges. There are good snorkelling spots on the…

6. Long Beach

1.46 MILES

This attractive stretch of sand offers umbrella-shaded lounges and the most party-ish vibe on the Perhentians. Those looking for a natural paradise might…

7. Wind Turbines

2.07 MILES

This pair of wind turbines can be reached either by the hiking path between Long Beach and Teluk Kerma or by a water taxi that will drop you off at a set…

8. Teluk Kerma

2.46 MILES

Home to a single accommodation option, this small but lovely bay is peaceful and quiet. There’s great diving and snorkelling and a few equally isolated…