Istana Abu Bakar

Pahang & Tioman Island

The grandiose and imposing sultan’s palace is set on vast grounds of cow grass.

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1. Istana Permai

0.24 MILES

The focus of Pekan’s palm-lined royal quarter is the Regent of Pahang’s palace.

2. Royal Pahang Polo Club

0.26 MILES

One of Malaysia's historic polo clubs, this huge and verdant polo field is located next to Istana Abu Bakar; if you've a car, it's well worth driving…

4. Istana Leban Tunggal

0.69 MILES

This abandoned and much forlorn (there's a tree growing from its roof) two-storey wood and stone palace was built in 1935. With unusual twin yellow…

5. Pekan Lama

0.76 MILES

Behind Sultan Abdullah Mosque stands this old tower fashioned from wood and stone.

6. Museum Sultan Abu Bakar

0.81 MILES

This museum is housed in a building constructed by the British in 1929. Exhibits are largely about the Pahang royal family, with other displays featuring…

7. Abu Bakar Mosque

0.85 MILES

Abu Bakar Mosque is crowned with gold domes. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter.

8. Sultan Abdullah Mosque Museum

0.86 MILES

This magnificently restored, snow-white mosque dates to 1929 and is fronted by a photogenic rectangle of water. The museum housed within contains an…