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Niah’s caves have provided groundbreaking insights into human life on Borneo way back when the island was still connected to mainland Southeast Asia. In 1958 archaeologists discovered the 40,000-year-old skull of an anatomically modern human, the oldest remains of a Homo sapiens discovered in Southeast Asia. Rock paintings and several small canoe-like coffins (‘death ships’) indicate that the site was used as a burial ground much more recently. Travellers who have been (or are going) to Gunung Mulu National Park may feel caved out at the thought of Niah, but for anyone with even a passing interest in human prehistory it is not to be missed.

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Historical Niah National Park Day Trip from Miri

After pickup from centrally located hotels in Miri, take a 90-minute drive to Niah National Park, home to the Niah Caves. While Niah is one of Sarawak’s smaller national parks, it is certainly one of the most important, as it is home to Borneo's oldest human remains, which date back 40,000 years. On this day trip you'll visit the archaeological site of the oldest settlement of Homo sapiens in the region. Upon arrival, register at park headquarters, then travel with your guide by boat across a narrow river. You'll hike for about an hour before arriving at a limestone cave, home to bats, swiftlets, and other specially adapted animals. Let your guide point out the wide variety of plant life in the forest, which covers some 7,756 acres (3,102 hectares) in the park. The 1,294-foot (394-meter) peak of Gunung Subis dominates the landscape. A quiet walk allows for birdlife and other small forest creatures to appear. Explore the vastness of the Great Cave, where you'll find a skull on display along with tools made out of stone, bone, and iron. Not to be missed is the Painted Cave, the site of prehistoric cave paintings as well as wooden coffin ‘death-ships' whose contents are exhibited at the Sarawak Museum.You'll stop at the park canteen for a provided lunch before returning to your Miri hotel.

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Crossed Border Excursion Ex Brunei : Niah Caves National Park

Start off the day with a two hours scenic drive to Miri. After a brief stop in Miri, we will start our journey to Niah National Park which will take  also around two hours going through oil palm plantation and Iban longhouses.On arrival at the Park Headquarters, We will register and then cross the Niah River and visit the Niah Cave Museum which houses relics from the caves. (Please take note that Museum is closed on Mondays)Continue with a 3 km plank walk to the entrance of the cave. The walk goes through mixed dipterocarp forest. We will explore the three main caves namely, Traders Cave, Painted Cave and the Great Cave. After a great exploration, we will return to the park's headquarters for lunch. This marks the end of our day excursion. We will ride on our comfortable transport back to Miri City and continue our journey back to Brunei.This tour includes pick-up and drop-off transfer services to your hotel.

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Niah National Park & Tusan Beach

Meet your guide at your hotel lobby and proceed to Niah National Park ( 2hrs 30min ride). Upon arrival at Park headquarters, register and have a brief study about the park at the information center. Then, take a short boat ride to cross the river to visit Niah Museum. After visiting the museum then proceed to the caves main entrance which is about 3Km walk and for touring around the cave will take about 45 minutes. Thanks to an extensive network of plankwalks. It is easy to get around. A flashlight and good walking shoes are absolutely essential – the caves are unlit, and the plankwalk can become slippery from the constant dripping of water and bat guano from the ceiling of the cave. A wide-brimmed hat is desirable, for obvious reasons.The Niah Cave is famous for its edible birds nest found high-up in the cave about 300 ft from the ground. The area was a major centre of human settlement as early as 40,000 years ago, and features one of the world’s largest cave entrances, Palaeolithic and Neolithic burial sites and iron-age cave paintings. The nearby Painted Cave houses wall-paintings depicting the boat journey of the dead into the afterlife, along with remnants of “death-ships” on the cave floor – boat-shaped coffins (its contents have been transferred to the Sarawak Museum). Return journey on the same plank walk to Niah National Park headquarter for lunch and then proceed to Tusan Beach for sunset view.Tusan beach is famous of it's "horse drinking sea water" cliff and  "Blue Tears" phenomenon which is the stunning sight of glowing ocean waters happens in Tusan which started few years back and this has inspired the famous Asian Chinese movies calls "Blue Tears" production and Tusan Beach and Niah National Park is some of their shooting location. please do note that the sighting of this Blue Tears phenomenon are not guarantees as this depending on weather or season.After Tusan Beach tours end you'll be transfer back to your hotel.

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