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Fans of Redmond O’Hanlon’s Into the Heart of Borneo may remember Kapit as the starting point of the author’s adventures. Kapit retains a frontier vibe and is just the place to begin your own adventure up the Batang Baleh.

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Limbang Tour

• Limbang Division is one of the twelve administrative divisions of Sarawak,  It has a total area of 7,788.50 square kilometres, and is the fourth largest division after Kapit, Miri and Bintulu division. Limbang Division are consists of two districts which are Limbang and Lawas. Limbang's map shaped like a crab claw, the Limbang Division slices Brunei into two part. • The bustling river port of Limbang (pronounced lim-bahng) is something of a backwater, but you may find yourself here before or after taking the Headhunters’ Trail to or from Gunung Mulu National Park and the main gateway to Mount Buda National Park. • The area, snatched from the sultan of Brunei by Charles Brooke in 1890, was claimed by Brunei up until the territorial dispute was settled in 2009. Meet your guide at your hotel lobby and depart for Limbang division half-day tour. Tour features; LIMBANG MUSEUM - The wooden Limbang Museum is one of the historical monument in Limbang, 200 metres upriver of the Limbang River, has a modest collection of archaeological finds and ethnic artifacts. This museum building was originally an old fort which was built in 1897. The original building was burnt down in 1989 and was rebuilt on the exact site maintaining the original design and architecture. This Museum displays the history and culture of the people in this region such as bamboo band, salt making, bead-work, bark cloth, brass-ware, basketry and much more. TASIK BUKIT MAS  - Located in the town of Limbang, Bukit Mas (golden hill) is a 210m high jungle-clad limestone outcrop which dominates the town. The summit offers excellent views of nearby Brunei and is accessible via a steep road leading off Jln Pandaruan, or by foot via a long staircase leading from the Lake Garden at the eastern end of the town. There is a small Buddhist shrine halfway up the summit road.  MUD VOLCANO - The site which is located east of Limbang town. The 25-30 mins journey is worthwhile as the site is covered with volcano mud pots of different sizes and height. Mud volcanoes consist of mud mounds with crater-like features produced by erupting gases but they are not related to volcanic activity. You can hear popping sounds of the exploding gas bubbles showing that they are active mud volcanoes. You can sometime see birds drinking from the water-filled craters.  CHILL AT THE BORDER - located near Tedungan/Kuala Lurah IQ customs/Immigration checkpoint, a famous little town just a minute away pass the border to serve local and foreigner with their cheap alcoholic drinks and place to eat, that's why this place is always crowded from afternoon till midnight. After tour end, you'll be send back to your hotel.