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$69.55 Cultural & Theme Tours

Historical Niah National Park Day Trip from Miri

After pickup from centrally located hotels in Miri, take a 90-minute drive to Niah National Park, home to the Niah Caves. While Niah is one of Sarawak’s smaller national parks, it is certainly one of the most important, as it is home to Borneo's oldest human remains, which date back 40,000 years. On this day trip you'll visit the archaeological site of the oldest settlement of Homo sapiens in the region. Upon arrival, register at park headquarters, then travel with your guide by boat across a narrow river. You'll hike for about an hour before arriving at a limestone cave, home to bats, swiftlets, and other specially adapted animals. Let your guide point out the wide variety of plant life in the forest, which covers some 7,756 acres (3,102 hectares) in the park. The 1,294-foot (394-meter) peak of Gunung Subis dominates the landscape. A quiet walk allows for birdlife and other small forest creatures to appear. Explore the vastness of the Great Cave, where you'll find a skull on display along with tools made out of stone, bone, and iron. Not to be missed is the Painted Cave, the site of prehistoric cave paintings as well as wooden coffin ‘death-ships' whose contents are exhibited at the Sarawak Museum.You'll stop at the park canteen for a provided lunch before returning to your Miri hotel.

$58.50 Outdoor Activities

Blue Tears Sighting at Tusan Beach

Our professional guide/driver will pick you up from your hotel lobby in Miri at 4pm and head to Tusan Beach to enjoy a scene from Avator but on our own planet. It will take approximately 1 hour drive, 40km from the city. Tusan Beach boasts a long white sandy beach with a gentle slope and is a secret paradise for those who love beautiful sunset scenery and of course, the dozens of fossils and seashells lying across the coastal line, which shell collectors find hard to resist.Discover the unique coastal and rock formations at the beach and take some great photos as you wait the darkness to fall. Be patient if you do not see any signs of glowing waves, find a dark area and let your eyes adapt to dark. Observe the sea water closely and you will notice glowing blur dots on the beach, but please be aware of your surroundings especially walking on the sand in darkness. You are advice to bring a torchlight for safety purpose.Enjoy the incredible sight, the Blue Tears phenomenon at Tusan Beach with your family and friends. It has become the latest hotspot among the locals after the pictures of bright blue lights on its beaches went viral on social media. Please note that the sighting of this Blue Tears phenomenon are not guarantees as this depending on weather.

$286 Multi-day & Extended Tours

3-Night Adventure in Mulu National Park

Tour Highlights:-Touring of Mulu National Park - a UNESCO siteSoft Adventure, suitable for all level of ageExplore Deer, Lang, Clearwater & Wind Cave    Spectacular view of bat exodus Penan tribe settelment Day 1 Upon arriving at Mulu National Park, you will be transferred to your hotel. Enjoy the tranquility and pristine environment of Mulu. The notable towering white cliffs and jungle are homes to not less than 20,000 species of flora and fauna (mostly insects), over 3500 plant species, 8000 types of fungi and at least 170 kinds of orchids. You may be lucky enough to stumble upon the world’s largest flower, the dog-eared Rafflesia in bloom.In the afternoon, Head off to the Park’s headquarter and from there take the 3km raised plank walk to explore the Deer and Lang Caves – the largest cave passage in the world. This interesting walk will take you through the peat swamp forest to visit the Deer Cave, famed for having the world's largest cave passage. Due to its immense size, Deer Cave is like a little world of its own, with hills and valleys, plains and forests (near the huge entrance). Be mesmerized by this “Garden of Eden,” complete with lush trees and a waterfall.Lang Cave though smaller, it is no less impressive. Be dazzled by walls of uniquely decorated & spectacular stalagmites, stalactites and other beautiful cave formations. The bats deposit a huge amount of guano in the cave providing a unique and important ecosystem, to millions of insects and their predators. In the evening, behold the spectacular sights of millions of snake-like formation of flying bats leaving from their cave in search of food for the day. Overnight. (Meals: D)Day 2Breakfast. We will continue with our exploration of Mulu caves with a boat ride to Clearwater Cave. You will explore some parts of the longest cave passage in South East Asia and the tenth longest in the world at 107km. The water is crystal clear due to the process of filtering and purifying by the rushing river water which passes through hundreds of meters of limestone. Out by the river is a perfect spot for swimming and relaxing, a wonderful antidote to the tropical heat. Enjoy a picnic lunch beside the cool, clear river.Explore the Wind Cave, named after the cool breeze that fans from its entrance and famed for its unusual calcite formations. The “King’s Room” unravels a treasure trove of impressive glistening stalactites and stalagmites. Thereafter proceed to Batu Bungan Penan Settlement, to observe the tribe lifestyle and their handicraft heritage. Overnight. (Meal: B, L, D)Day 3Enjoy breakfast before being transferred to the airport for your flight.

$42.70 Tours & Sightseeing

Half-Day Sightseeing Tour of Miri City

After hotel pickup, your 3-hour tour begins in the morning or afternoon with a drive through the 'Oil Town of Malaysia.' Board your coach and listen as your guide provides an overview of Miri's oil history. Pass by Tua Pek Kong, Miri's Taoist Chinese temple, and see the Miri Resident Office while your guide points out other highlights including trendy shopping malls, the oil and gas complex, and Piasau Nature Reserve (Piasau Camp). Visit the Miri Handicraft Centre, a cultural hub for the different ethnic groups of northern Sarawak. See a wide variety of handicrafts ranging from the Iban Pua Kumbu cloth to Kenyah woodcarvings and Lun Bawang tree bark products. The coach also stops at the limestone outcrop of Canada Hill, which features Oil Well No. 1, an industrial monument known as the 'Grand Old Lady.' Admire views of Miri and its surroundings, then continue on to the Petroleum Museum to learn more about the development of oil and gas industries in Malaysia. (Entry fee is payable direct.)Before your tour concludes with hotel drop-off, stop at Tamu Muhibbah, a market where farmers sell their produce and poultry.

$54.60 Outdoor Activities

Half-Day Lambir Hills National Park Tour from Miri

Lambir Hills National Park is located along Miri-Bintulu Road, some 18 miles (30 km) south of Miri. After hotel pickup in the morning or afternoon, you're driven to the park, known for its outstanding regional and global conservation efforts and its extraordinary species-rich forest, ideal for botanists and researchers throughout the world. Enjoy the beauty of Lambir during a nature walk with your guide. More than half of the park is covered with mixed dipterocarp forest where tall trees such as kapur, meranti, kempas, and selangan batu are found. A kerangas forest with smaller and shorter trees are also seen among low shrubs, pitcher plants, and orchids. Let your guide point out plant species such as ferns, gingers, vines, palms, mushrooms, moss and lichen, flowering and fruiting shrub trees, climbers, and creepers. Keep watch for wildlife including bats, monkeys, pangolins, and barking deer. More than 150 species of birds have been recorded as well.At the end of your hike, you’re rewarded with a refreshing swim in a mountain stream under a waterfall. Afterward, finish your 4-hour tour with return transport to your hotel in Miri.

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