Japanese Monument

Diego Suarez (Antsiranana)

'Here died two brave Japanese sailors on 3 June 1942' reads the inscription on the memorial erected by the Japanese Embassy 30 years later. The sailors, aboard midget submarines, were part of a night attack on Diego Suarez harbour, damaging a British battleship and tanker and killing six men. The Japanese sailors ran into the hills but were caught by British soldiers.

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1. Tribunal

0.37 MILES

A fine example of colonial architecture, the Tribunal is an imposing building that still operates as the courthouse. It was built in 1907.

2. La Résidence


The former Governer's residence, now administrative offices, was first built in 1897. Overlooking the sea, it was often battered by cyclones and parts…

3. Jardin Tropical


Set in a cyclone-ravaged Creole house in the French residential quarter, the Jardin Tropical provides a welcome, leafy green space in the centre of town…

4. Hôtel des Mines

0.43 MILES

Once a magnificent hotel overlooking the sea, the Hôtel des Mines is now in ruins. Built in the early 1900s by Frenchman Alphonse Mortages who made his…

5. Cathédrale Saint Matthieu

0.58 MILES

Diego Suarez's Roman Catholic cathedral was built in 1909 to replace the previous wooden church destroyed by the terrible cyclone of 1894. The bell tower…

6. Lighthouse

0.62 MILES

The lighthouse at the end of Rue Richelieu guards the bay of Diego Suarez.

7. Maison Cassam Chenaï

0.66 MILES

In 1898 the Cassam Chenaï family of Gujerat arrived in Diego Suarez. Mamodaly opened his ever popular shop 10 years later. Members of the family are still…

8. Tsena

1.47 MILES

During French colonial times, areas of Diego Suarez south of Pl Foch were less inhabited by the French and much more Malagasy. The Tsena is the largest of…