Kuklica Rock Formations

North Macedonia

Natural erosion and its varying effects on the area's volcanic rocks are behind the formation of these bizarre 'rock dolls', which are estimated to be nearly 30 million years old. The tall structures look like human figures; the two central figures have been interpreted as a couple getting married couple, and many stories and myths have been attached to the formations.

One of the prevailing legends tells of a man who could not decide which of two women to marry, so he decided to marry both, but at different times of the day. After turning up early, the second bride was so upset at the sight of the man marrying another woman that her curse petrified the whole wedding, and here they are today, still standing midceremony.

The site was in poor shape at our last visit, full of rubbish and burnt benches, but the stone formations are worth seeing if you're in the area.

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