Must see attractions in Diani Beach

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    Kaya Kinondo

    This forest, sacred to the Digo people, is the only one of the area's sacred forests that's open to visitors. Visiting this small grove is a nature walk, historical journey and cultural experience. As you make your way across tangled roots and chunks of ancient coral, the guide points out various plants used in traditional medicine, and there's the chance to transmit your fears and worries to an ancient tree by hugging it. Expect to tip your guide.

  • Top ChoiceSights in Diani Beach

    Colobus Conservation Centre

    Notice the monkeys clambering on rope ladders over the road? The 'colobridges' are the work of the Colobus Conservation Centre, which aims to protect the Angolan black-and-white colobus monkey, a once-common species now restricted to some 5000 monkeys in a few isolated pockets of forest south of Mombasa. It runs excellent tours of its headquarters, where you’ll likely get to see a few orphaned or injured colobus, Sykes' and vervet monkeys undergoing the process of rehabilitation to the wild.

  • Sights in Diani Beach

    Kongo Mosque

    At the far northern end of the beach road (follow the faded sign behind the Jacaranda Resort) is the 16th-century Kongo Mosque – Diani’s last surviving relic of the ancient Swahili civilisations that once controlled the coast, and one of a tiny handful of coral mosques still in use in Kenya. The baobab-studded beach is a wonderful picnic spot and the mosque is worth a peek in spite of an unsympathetic contemporary extension.