City Akimat


Administrative building.

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1. Taraz Regional Museum


The pride and joy of what is one of Kazakhstan's best local museums is the domed rear building housing an unusually impressive collection of balbals …

3. Karakhan Mausoleum

0.46 MILES

A wooded park on Ybyraev, 700m east of Dostyk alany, is a reconstruction of this small but important medieval mausoleum. It houses cloth-covered…

4. Reconstructed Medieval Mosque

0.51 MILES

This is a modern reconstruction of the 9th- to-12th-century mosque in which Aulie-Ata, a revered Karakhanid potentate, is believed to have prayed, but you…

5. Dauitbek Mausoleum

0.53 MILES

The reconstructed Dauitbek Mausoleum, built for a 13th-century Mongol viceroy, is said to have been built lopsided in revenge for the man’s infamous…

6. Shakhristan Market

0.89 MILES

For a taste of the bazaar atmosphere for which Taraz used to be celebrated, have a wander round busy Shakhristan Market, across the road from the now…

7. Aysha-Bibi & Babazha-Katun Mausoleums

9.68 MILES

In Aysha-Bibi village, 16km west of Taraz, are the tombs of two 11th- or 12th-century women, legendary protagonists of a local Romeo and Juliet tale. The…

8. Akyrtas

21.94 MILES

Lovers of mysterious, remote ruins should venture out to Akyrtas – Kazakhstan's Stonehenge – on the steppe 6km south of Aksholak village. What you'll find…