Tottori Sand Dunes in Japan

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Tottori-sakyū (The Dunes)

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Used as the location for Teshigahara Hiroshi's classic 1964 film, Woman in the Dunes, the Tottori sand dunes are on the coast about 5km from the city. There's a viewing point on a hillside overlooking the dunes, along with parking and the usual array of tourist schlock. You can even get a 'Lawrence of Arabia' photo of yourself accompanied by a camel. Pick up maps at the Sand Pal Tottori Information Centre.

The dunes stretch over 10km along the coast and, at some points, can be about 2km wide. Buses to the dunes also stop at the Sakyū-Sentā (砂丘センター; Dunes Centre) on the hillside, from where you can take a cable car (one way/return ¥200/300) across roads down to the entrance to the dunes. Otherwise it's an easy five-minute walk, or simply stay on the bus to the dunes.

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