Western Honshū

Tottori's castle once overlooked the town, but now only the foundations remain. It's a pleasant walk up the hillside to see them and the views over the city.

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1. Jinpū-kaku Villa

0.14 MILES

The stately French Renaissance–style Jinpū-kaku Villa, built as accommodation for the Taishō emperor when he visited as Crown Prince in 1907, now houses a…

2. Kannon-in

0.84 MILES

The main attraction at this 17th-century temple is its beautiful garden, built around a pond. Gather your thoughts and contemplate the arrangement of…

3. Sand Museum

2.16 MILES

You came to see sand? Well, there's truckloads at this impressive museum of sand sculptures, where sand aficionados from all over the world are invited to…

4. Tottori-sakyū (The Dunes)

2.35 MILES

Used as the location for Teshigahara Hiroshi's classic 1964 film, Woman in the Dunes, the Tottori sand dunes are on the coast about 5km from the city…