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This enormous yakusugi tree is estimated to be between 3000 and 7000 years old, and though no longer living, it remains a majestic sight. Most hikers reach the tree via the 19.5km, eight to 10-hour round trip from Arakawa-tozanguchi.

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2. Umigame-kan

6.73 MILES

This nonprofit organisation has displays and information about turtles, mostly in Japanese. During nesting (June and July) and hatching (August) seasons,…

3. Nagata Inaka-hama

6.76 MILES

On the island's northwest coast, Nagata Inaka-hama is a beautiful beach for sunsets, and it's where sea turtles lay their eggs from May to July. It's…

4. Yakusugi Museum

6.95 MILES

In a forested spot with sea views, the Yakusugi Museum has informative, beautifully designed exhibits about yakusugi and the history of the islanders'…

5. Issō-kaisuiyokujō

7.29 MILES

This small, coarse-sand beach is located on the north coast of the island, about midway between Miyanoura and Nagata. It's a short walk from the Yahazu…

6. Ōko-no-taki

7.73 MILES

On the west coast is Yakushima's highest waterfall, at 88m. It's a five-minute walk from Ōko-no-taki bus stop, which is the last stop for some of the…

7. Space Science & Technology Museum

25.73 MILES

Reopened in 2017 after an extensive re-design, Tanegashima's Space Centre, on the spectacular southeastern coast of the island, is a large parklike…

8. Takezaki-kaigan

26.14 MILES

Nearby to the Space Centre, this coastline is home to a beautiful stretch of white sand popular with surfers. The best spot to enjoy it is the beach in…