Hakodate Morning Market

Top choice in Hokkaidō

With crabs grilling over hot coals, freshly caught squid packed tightly in ice-stuffed styrofoam and the sing-song call of vendors, Hakodate Morning Market does a fantastic impression of an old-time seafood market – though the visitors today are tourists not wholesale buyers. (The commercial market that was here originally has since moved to a bigger space.)

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1. Future Center Hakodate

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This interesting multimedia center has displays mainly aimed at a young crowd, but it is worth stopping at for the events, videos, performances, and…

2. Red-brick Warehouse District

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3. Hakodate Museum of Northern Peoples

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4. Old British Consulate

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From 1913 to 1934, this whitewashed mansion served as the British consulate. You can see the restored interior and have tea (¥540) on the ground floor.

5. Orthodox Church

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8. Goryō-kaku Tower

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Take the elevator to the observatory atop this 98m-tall tower to see the star-shaped footprint of Goryō-kaku-kōen. There are also displays on the history…