Yaeyama Islands

At the southeast corner of the island is this impressive 1km-long cliff of Ryūkyū limestone, pounded by the Pacific Ocean. There's a small observatory here, and at the western end of the cliffs is a small monument marking Japan's southernmost point, an extremely popular photo spot for Japanese visitors and a must-do if you've come all this way.

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Nearby Yaeyama Islands attractions

1. Japan's Southernmost Point

0.68 MILES

Cycling along roads criss-crossing fields of sugar cane and tracing kilometres of unspoiled coastline – the southernmost point of Japan's southernmost…

2. Nishihama

2.95 MILES

Just to the west of the port is this perfect beach of snow-white sand with some good coral offshore. Here you will find free public showers, toilets and a…

3. Iriomote Wildlife Conservation Center

20.42 MILES

If you are at all intrigued by the yamaneko (Iriomote's endemic wildcat), whose critically endangered population hovers around 100, it's worth stopping by…

4. Ida-no-hama

20.58 MILES

From Shirahama, at the western end of the north coast road, there are four daily boats (¥500) to the isolated settlement of Funauki. Once there, it's a…

5. Kanpire-no-taki


Kanpire-no-taki, a low-scale series of waterfalls, is the turnaround point for hikers who have travelled up the Urauchi-gawa.

6. Mariyudō-no-taki

21.14 MILES

A trek upriver through the damp Iriomote forest leads to the lovely Mariyudō-no-taki, a series of low waterfalls.

7. Pinaisāra-no-taki

22.87 MILES

At the back of a mangrove-lined bay called Funaura-wan, a few kilometres east of Uehara, you can make out the lovely Pinaisāra-no-taki, Okinawa’s highest…

8. Kaiji-hama

25.3 MILES

This lovely stretch of beach is on the southwest coast, also happens to be the main hoshi-suna (star sand) hunting ground. If you don't arrive bearing…