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This Buddhist temple dating from 718 on Daisen, long considered a sacred mountain, seems eternally tranquil. In reality, from the eighth to the 14th century the Daisen-ji shrine complex was a hub of power, where armed priests exerted control over the area, protecting its 100 shrines. Surviving a tumultuous history of anti-Buddhist sentiment with closure in 1875 and a fire in 1928, the complex of four wooden worship halls you see today is an image of serenity among the trees.

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1. Ōgamiyama-jinja

0.19 MILES

This appealingly weathered wooden shrine is the oldest building in western Tottori Prefecture. It is up a stone path from Daisen-ji, one of many forest…

2. Daisen Museum of Nature and History

0.32 MILES

This friendly museum has two floors and offers naturalists or the curious a peek at flora, fauna and geology they might not see otherwise. The bird…

3. Shōji Ueda Museum of Photography

5.57 MILES

Showcases the works of prominent Tottori Prefecture photographer Shōji Ueda (1913–2000), in a large minimalist concrete building with fabulous views…

4. Masumizu Plateau

7.17 MILES

Along the Daisen Parkway (the 35km scenic road crossing the Daisen area) is the Masumizu Plateau, where a gondola lift takes you up to an observation…

5. Adachi Museum of Art

19.24 MILES

Local businessman and art collector Adachi Zenkō founded this excellent museum, located east of Matsue in Yasugi. The collection includes over 100…

6. Mizuki Shigeru Museum

20.19 MILES

This multimedia museum displays manga artist Mizuki Shigeru's illustrations, artwork, and personal collection of masks and folklore paraphernalia. Audio…

7. Yūshien Garden

21.4 MILES

This pretty garden occupying an area of around 40,000 sq metres was established privately in 1975 on Lake Nakaumi's Daikonshima Island, between Matsue and…

8. Shimane Prefectural Art Museum

27.63 MILES

With its white undulating roof and huge glass windows facing the lake, the museum building itself is an impressive sight. Inside, it displays rotating…