Casa di Giulietta

Notable Building in Verona

Image by Paul Thompson Getty Images

Juliet's house is a spectacle, but not for the reasons you might imagine – entering the courtyard off Via Cappello, you are greeted by a young multinational crowd, everyone milling around in the tiny space trying to take selfies with the well-rubbed bronze of Juliet. The walls are lined up to 2m high with love notes, many attached with chewing gum. Above you is the famous balcony, tourists taking their turn to have pics taken against the 'romantic background'.

The actual house is not worth the entrance fee – it's virtually empty and swamped with visitors who can hardly pass on the narrow stairs. There are only a couple of interesting exhibits inside, including the bed that featured in Zeffirelli's 1968 film, and few Renaissance costumes. The gift shop opposite reaches heights of heart-shaped kitsch only Italy can achieve.