Samaritan Museum

West Bank

Members of an ancient religion closely related to Judaism, the Samaritans believe that Mt Gerizim was not only the first piece of land ever created but also that it's the location chosen by God for his Temple (while Jews believe this is Temple Mount in Jerusalem). Learn more about the Samaritan community at this excellent museum, where an English-speaking guide will show you a video and answer any questions you have about the site or the faith.

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1. Samaritan Ruins

0.36 MILES

The ancient site of the Samaritan Temple is a 10-minute walk uphill from the village, via a locked gate: ring the intercom and a guard will let you…

2. Jacob’s Well

0.81 MILES

Near the entrance to Balata, the largest refugee camp in the West Bank, is the spot where Christians believe a Samaritan woman offered Jesus a drink of…

3. Tell Balata Archaelogical Park

0.83 MILES

Tell Balata is the remains of what is believed to be the first settlement in Nablus, the Canaanite town of Shechem, dating from the first and second…

4. Al Kebir Mosque

1.21 MILES

Al Kebir Mosque (Great Mosque) is built on the site of an earlier Crusader church and Byzantine and Roman basilicas. Bits and pieces of its earlier…

5. Touqan Soap Factory

1.31 MILES

One of a number of soap factories open to visitors in Nablus, Touqan opened in 1872, and the techniques of soap making here have not changed much since…

6. Sebastia

6.59 MILES

Sebastia is a collection of ruins above a village of the same name that is believed to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the West Bank.

7. Greek Orthodox Church of St George

17.22 MILES

On the periphery of Burqi’in, the Greek Orthodox Church of St George is built on the site where Jesus is said to have healed 10 lepers. Believed to be one…

8. Taybeh Winery

17.22 MILES

Canaan, the son of Taybeh Brewery founder Nadim Khoury, began making wine in this modern facility below the Taybeh Golden Hotel in 2013 and now produces…