Free Derry Corner

Derry (Londonderry)

The Free Derry Corner, where the gable end of a house painted with the famous slogan 'You are Now Entering Free Derry' still stands, is all that remains of a row of terraced houses in the old Bogside district.

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2. Bloody Sunday Memorial

0.08 MILES

A simple granite obelisk that commemorates the 14 civilians who were shot dead by the British Army on Bloody Sunday, 30 January 1972.

3. Museum of Free Derry


Just off Rossville St, this excellent museum chronicles the history of the Bogside, the Civil Rights Movement and the events of Bloody Sunday through…

4. Siege Museum

0.13 MILES

In a building adjoining the Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall, this museum celebrates the role of the 13 apprentice boys who in December 1688 locked the city…

5. People's Gallery Murals

0.14 MILES

The 12 murals that decorate the gable ends of houses along Rossville St, near Free Derry Corner, are popularly referred to as the People's Gallery. They…

6. St Columb's Cathedral

0.18 MILES

Built between 1628 and 1633 from the same grey-green schist as the city walls, this was the first post-Reformation church to be erected in Britain and…

7. St Columba's Church

0.21 MILES

Outside the city walls to the southwest is Long Tower Church, Derry’s first post-Reformation Catholic church. Built in 1784 in neo-Renaissance style, it…

8. Centre for Contemporary Art

0.24 MILES

Derry's contemporary art gallery provides a showcase for emerging artists in Northern Ireland and stages changing exhibitions of contemporary art from…