Derry (Londonderry)

In the 19th century, Derry was one of the main ports of emigration to the USA; this is commemorated by these sculptures of an emigrant family at the site of departure. Emigrants (1990) is the work of Derry-born, internationally renowned artist Eamonn O'Doherty (1939–2011).

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Nearby Derry (Londonderry) attractions

1. Peace Bridge

0.82 MILES

Sinuous and elegant, this 2011-completed, S-shaped pedestrian and cyclist bridge spans the River Foyle, linking the walled city on the west bank to…

2. Ebrington Square

0.82 MILES

Originally a 19th-century fort, and later a British Army base, Ebrington Barracks was demilitarised in 2003. The former parade ground now serves as a…

3. St Eugene’s Cathedral

0.85 MILES

The Roman Catholic St Eugene’s Cathedral was begun in 1851 as a response to the end of the Great Famine, and dedicated to St Eugene in 1873 by Bishop…

4. Guildhall

0.88 MILES

Standing just outside the city walls, the neo-Gothic Guildhall was originally built in 1890, then rebuilt after a fire in 1908. Its fine stained-glass…

5. Tower Museum

0.91 MILES

Head straight to the 5th floor of this award-winning museum inside a replica 16th-century tower house for a view from the top. Then work your way down…

6. Derry's City Walls

0.92 MILES

The best way to get a feel for Derry's layout and history is to walk the 1.5km circumference of the city's walls. Completed in 1619, Derry's city walls…

7. People's Gallery Murals

0.95 MILES

The 12 murals that decorate the gable ends of houses along Rossville St, near Free Derry Corner, are popularly referred to as the People's Gallery. They…

8. Museum of Free Derry

0.99 MILES

Just off Rossville St, this excellent museum chronicles the history of the Bogside, the Civil Rights Movement and the events of Bloody Sunday through…