Haft Tappeh Archaeological Site & Museum


You need to be a tomb junkie or have an animated guide to get the most out of this dusty, partially excavated Elamite burial site. In stark contrast, the nearby, tiny Unesco-sponsored museum, sitting oasis-like among palms and tended gardens, is definitely worth a look, and not only for its delicious air-con. The small room contains interesting artefacts, local fertility figurines, skeletons in 'burial muffins', and a model of Choqa Zanbil, with detailed documentation of its discovery and subsequent restoration.

Haft Tappeh is 3km off the Ahvaz–Andimeshk Hwy, and 18km south of Shush. It's usually the first stop when heading to the more visually stimulating Choqa Zanbil. Beyond the museum, cross the Ahvaz–Andimeshk train tracks, then turn right and follow the 1km short cut south to the Choqa Zanbil road. Or jump on a train back to Shush (15 minutes).

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