Qa'en Castle Peak

Top choice in Southeastern Iran

Walking to and exploring this mountaintop fortress ruin is the highlight of a visit to Qa'en, especially if you time your descent to coincide with sunset, when the lights of Bozajomehr's Tomb are coming on and the muezzin is calling mellifluously to prayer. From the Bozajomehr roundabout it's around 15 minutes' walk on a rocky path to the base of the fortress, then 149 steps up to the first main series of ramparts.

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1. Bozajomehr's Tomb

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Crouched on the lower slopes of Qa'en's abrupt southern mountains, this restrained but beautifully restored tomb is supposedly the last resting place of…

2. Jameh Mosque

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Although possibly 9th-century in origin, the main core of Qa'en's bulky central mosque predominantly dates from a 1394 rebuild funded by a Timurid…

3. Water Museum

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4. Anthropology Museum

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5. Khonik Sofla

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Around Qa'en you can find several old villages of low, domed, mud hovels, which have been almost entirely abandoned as folks moved to new, more sanitary…