Kashani National Museum


The modest Kashani National Museum, which occupies a small pavilion in the grounds of Bagh-e Fin (Fin Garden) showcases some fine examples of Kashani velvet and brocade, and has some ceramics and calligraphy on display. A scale model of the garden helps to show its perfect proportions from an aerial perspective.

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Nearby Kashan attractions

1. Bagh-e Fin

0.02 MILES

Designed for Shah Abbas I in the 16th century, this delightful garden with its symmetrical proportions, old cedars, spring-fed pools and fountains is…

2. Shahzadeh Ibrahim

1.18 MILES

Built in 1894, this shrine, set in a pretty courtyard of evergreens, boasts a delightful European-style painted dome with vignettes of religious scenes…

3. Tappeh-ye Seyalk

2.29 MILES

One of the oldest and richest archaeological sites in central Iran, the Tappeh-ye Seyalk (seyalk means mound), halfway between Kashan and Fin, has yielded…

4. Khan-e Tabatabaei


Built around 1880, Seyyed Jafar Tabatabei’s house is renowned for its intricate stone reliefs, including finely carved cypress trees, delicate stucco, and…

5. Hammam-e Sultan Mir Ahmad

4.33 MILES

This 500-year-old hammam is a superb example of an Iranian bathhouse. A recent restoration has stripped away 17 layers of plaster (note the wall inside…

6. Traditional Houses

4.33 MILES

Hiding behind the town’s high mud-brick walls are hundreds of large traditional houses built by wealthy merchants, monuments to the importance of Kashan…

7. Khan-e Boroujerdi

4.34 MILES

Legend has it that when Sayyed Jafar Natanzi, a samovar merchant known as Boroujerdi, met with carpet merchant Sayyed Jafar Tabatabaei to discuss taking…

8. Ice House

4.35 MILES

It you haven't been to Maybod, near Yazd, it is worth strolling down Alavi St to inspect a large mud dome by the old city wall. This remarkable brick and…