Pulau Bangkaru

Banyak Islands

The second-largest of the Banyak Islands, Pulau Bangkaru is home to a turtle conservation project, so visits are strictly controlled and you’re only allowed on the island with a certified guide. At the time of research the conservation project is up in the air due to the demise of the previous management body; check what’s happening with Mr Darmawan at Banyak Island Travel.

Pulau Bangkaru has pristine beaches, excellent surfing off the south coast and plenty of scope for jungle trekking.

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1. Pulau Tuangku

13.79 MILES

Covered in dense jungle, Pulau Tuangku is the largest of the Banyak Islands. Surfers head to Ujung Lolok, the headland at the south of the island,…

2. Pulau Ragu-Ragu

16.1 MILES

Offers some excellent snorkelling. Dugongs are sometimes sighted in the mornings off the island’s north shore.

3. Pulau Tailana

16.97 MILES

The small island of Pulau Tailana is renowned for reefs that are waves of colour. The island has a popular guesthouse.

4. Pulau Laman

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There’s good snorkelling between Pulau Laman and Pulau Laureh, with some remarkable growths of vivid blue coral.

5. Pulau Asok

20.4 MILES

A crescent-shaped, uninhabited island with pristine beaches on either side as well as excellent snorkelling.

6. Pulau Lambodong

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Uninhabited small island with white sandy beach, popular with day trippers from neighbouring Banyak islands.

7. Pulau Sikandang

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8. Pulau Palambak Besar

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Rather out of the way, this medium-sized island is covered in coconut trees, and has a couple of jungle paths you can walk and a gorgeous stretch of beach…