Satkosia Tiger Sanctuary


Made up of the Satkosia and Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuaries, this 964-sq-km forested tiger reserve, 125km northwest of Bhubaneswar, is straddled by a breathtaking gorge, cut by the mighty Mahanadi River, and is one of the most beautiful natural spots in Odisha. However, tourists are not allowed inside the park’s core zone, where most of the wildlife is found, and 4WD safaris are not on offer. The main appeal of coming here is to spend some time amid the stunning natural scenery.

The sanctuary is home to significant populations of gharial and mugger crocodiles, plus 38 species of mammals, including elephants, leopards, sambar deer, jackals, giant squirrels and around a dozen tigers. You can visit a rudimentary crocodile breeding centre within the park. As of 2018, boat trips on the river were on hold.