Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Top choice nature reserve in Wayanad Region

Image by Paddy Photography Getty Images

Entry to both parts of the sanctuary is only permitted as part of a two-hour jeep safari (₹650), which can be arranged at the sanctuary entrances. At the time of research the government was planning to introduce minibuses to supplement the jeeps. Trekking is no longer permitted in the sanctuary. Both Tholpetty and Muthanga close during April, but remain open during the monsoon.

Whether you go to Tholpetty or Muthanga essentially depends on whether you're staying in the north or south of Wayanad, as there's no difference in the chances of spotting wildlife. At both locations arrive at least an hour before the morning or afternoon openings to register and secure a vehicle, as there are a limited number of guides and jeeps permitted in the park at one time.