Lagunas de Sepalau

Lagoon in Alta & Baja Verapaz

Surrounded by pristine forest, these turquoise lagoons are 8km west of Chisec. Developed as a community ecotourism project by local villagers, tours of the area include a fair bit of walking and some rowboat paddling. The obligatory zipline is also present. The area is rich in wildlife: jaguars, tapir, iguanas, toucans and howler monkeys are all in residence.

There are three lagoons, the most spectacular of which is the third on the tour, Q'ekija, which is ringed by steep walls of thick jungle. From February to June the first two lagoons dry up.

Pick-ups leave Chisec's plaza for the village of Sepalau Cataltzul throughout the day, and there's usually a bus (Q10, 45 minutes) at 10:30am. On arrival at the village, you pay the entrance fee and a guide will take you on the 3km walk to the first lagoon.