Grutas Rey Marcos

Alta & Baja Verapaz

These caves go for more than 1km into the earth, although chances are you won't get taken that far. A river runs through the cave (you have to wade through it at one point) and there are some impressive stalactites and stalagmites. Headlamps, helmets and rubber boots are included in the admission price to the cave. According to local legend, any wishes made in the cave are guaranteed to come true.

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2. Mercado Terminal

7.02 MILES

The local market is always good for a wander, even if you're not looking to buy.

3. Templo El Calvario

7.44 MILES

You can get a fine view over the town from this church atop a long flight of stairs at the north end of 7a Av. Indigenous people leave offerings at…

4. Ermita de Santo Domingo de Guzmán

7.48 MILES

The Ermita de Santo Domingo de Guzmán, a chapel dedicated to Cobán's patron saint, is 150m west of the bottom of the stairs leading to the Templo El…

5. Parque Nacional Las Victorias

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This forested 82-hectare national park, right in town, has ponds, BBQ and picnic areas, children's play areas, a lookout point and kilometers of trails…

6. Orquigonia

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Orchid lovers and even the orchid-curious should not miss the wonderfully informative guided tour of this orchid sanctuary just off the highway to Cobán…

7. Museo Katinamit

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Recreating a Poqomchi' house, this well-ordered museum features household items and everyday products, as well as art, textiles and tools that are still…

8. Biotopo del Quetzal

16.03 MILES

In the lush cloud forests south of Cobán is the Biotopo Mario Dary Rivera nature reserve, commonly called Biotopo del Quetzal.