Kedrodasos Beach

Hania Province

If you’d like to get even more off the beaten track than gorgeous Elafonisi, head 1km east to similarly gorgeous Kedrodasos, a soft arc of sand favoured by nudists and backed by junipers. You can reach it via 2.5km of dirt lanes through the greenhouses behind the beaches and then a 10-minute walk down a rocky path, or by the E4 coastal trail.

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1. Elafonisi

0.64 MILES

Tucked into Crete’s southwestern corner, this symphony of fine pink-white sand, turquoise water and gentle rose dunes looks like a magical dreamscape. As…

2. Moni Hrysoskalitissas Monastery

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Four kilometres north of Elafonisi is this beautiful monastery perched on a rock high above the sea. The church is recent, but the monastery is allegedly…

3. Pappadiana & Amygdalokefali

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The western Innahorion villages that line the coastal road enjoy a stunning location between mountains and ravines. First is the hamlet of Pappadiana,…

4. Perivolia & Kefali

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Two and half kilometres west of Elos, atmospheric Perivolia leads to Kefali, with its 14th-century frescoed church. Kefali has a handful of tavernas…

5. Pahia Ammos

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Pahia Ammos, often simply called Sandy Beach, lives up to its name. When the winds kick up it's good for windsurfing, and it's got the best sunsets in…

6. Museum of the Acritans of Europe

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This little museum is dedicated to the border fighters and heroes of Europe’s medieval and Byzantine times. It has a well-displayed historical exhibition,…

7. Venetian Fort

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There’s not much left of the 13th-century Venetian castle looming above Paleohora, but it's worth climbing the stairs for the splendid views of the sea…

8. Halikia Beach

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Halikia Beach is Paleohora's pebble beach, on the eastern side of Paleohora's peninsula. It can occasionally be better protected from the wind than sandy…