Archaeological Museum


This museum is a gem: a fine collection, clearly presented, in a manageable space that's seldom busy. It focuses primarily on the ancient city of Ambracia, from its foundation in the 7th century BC to 29 BC, when Nikopolis became the new capital of Epiros. Displays cover the ancient city's musical traditions and burial practices, including elaborately carved marble slabs from graves.

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1. Old Bridge


This stone bridge, likely built in the early 1600s, spans the Arahthos River in four elegant arches. (The windows in the pedestals are for water overflow…

2. Folklore Museum

0.32 MILES

Set in the former tollhouse of Arta's old bridge, this little museum has a small collection of traditional costumes and tools from the area. It's a nice…

4. Castle of Arta

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Arta's 13th-century walls, erected 10m high by the Byzantine despotate atop ruins of ancient Ambracia, stand on the north side of town. They're perhaps…

5. Nikopolis

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The ruins of Nikopolis, built in 28 BC by Octavian (later Augustus), after he defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra in the naval Battle of Actium (Aktion),…

6. Archaeological Museum of Nikopolis

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This modern museum brims with the treasures of Nikopolis: Roman marble statuary, mosaics from Byzantine churches and more. Abundant English-language…

7. Nekromanteion of Acheron

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8. Fortress of Agia Mavra

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Guarding Lefkada at the start of the causeway, 1.4km from town, the Agia Mavra fortress was constructed in the 14th century and later expanded by the…