Regensburg & the Danube

Frauenau's dazzlingly modern Glasmuseum covers four millennia of glass-making history, starting with the ancient Egyptians and ending with modern glass art from around the world. Demonstrations and workshops for kids are regular features.

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1. Waldmuseum

3.46 MILES

Housed in a former brewery, Zwiesel’s 'Forest Museum' has exhibitions on local customs, flora and fauna, glass-making and life in the forest.

2. Bavarian Forest National Park

6.85 MILES

A thickly wooded paradise for lovers of fresh air, the Bavarian Forest National Park extends for around 24,250 hectares along the Czech border, from…

3. Gläserne Wald

7.53 MILES

One of the more unusual sights along the Glass Route is the Gläserne Wald near the small town of Regen. Here glass artist Rudolf Schmid has created a…

4. JOSKA Bodenmais

11.14 MILES

The glass highlight of the small town of Bodenmais is JOSKA Bodenmais, a crystal theme park complete with crystal shops, public artworks, beer garden,…

5. Museumsdorf Bayerischer Wald

17.13 MILES

On the southern edge of the Bavarian Forest is Tittling, home to this 20-hectare open-air museum displaying 150 typical Bavarian Forest timber cottages…

6. Veste Oberhaus

29.43 MILES

A 13th-century defensive fortress, built by the prince-bishops, Veste Oberhaus towers over Passau with patriarchal pomp. Not surprisingly, views of the…

7. Passauer Glasmuseum

29.59 MILES

Opened by Neil Armstrong, of all people, Passau's warren-like glass museum is filled with some 30,000 priceless pieces of glass and crystal from the…

8. Grosser Rathaussaal

29.6 MILES

Located in the Altes Rathaus, the Great Assembly Room has wonderful murals by local artist Ferdinand Wagner, showing scenes from Passau's history with a…