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Dartlo, 12km northwest of Omalo in the Pirikiti Alazani valley, is an extraordinarily picturesque village crowned by an impressive tower grouping, overlooked by the single tall tower of Kvavlo 350m above the village itself. In summer Dartlo can be almost overgrown with wildflowers, which all but close off its narrow pebble streets, and make for a spectacular sight. There has been much investment in restoring the village's ancient slate and wood houses in recent years.

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1. Keselo

4.65 MILES

Constructed during the Mongol invasions during the 1230s, these five towers form a protective fortress on the hilltop above Zemo Omalo where locals would…

2. Shenaqo

6.16 MILES

Shenaqo, a few kilometres east of Omalo, is one of the prettiest villages in Tusheti, with houses of stone, slate and rickety wooden balconies grouped…

3. Dzveli Diklo


About 2km past Diklo, which is 4km northeast of Shenaqo, the Dzveli Diklo fortress perches on a spectacular rock promontory looking east to Dagestan …

4. Anatori Crypts

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These medieval communal tombs feature still-visible human bones and sit on a promontory above the gorge: in times of plague, infected villagers would…

5. Shatili Old Town

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This magnificent agglomeration of koshkebi (defensive watchtowers) and atmospheric slate houses packed tightly together on a steep hillside to create one…

6. Twins Old Cellar

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A family-run operation making qvevri and European wine, 23km north of Telavi. Visits include its comprehensive qvevri wine museum and a tasting of three…

7. Alaverdi Cathedral

29.93 MILES

At the beginning of the 11th century, when Georgia was entering its cultural and political golden age, King Kvirike of Kakheti had this majestic cathedral…