Great Caucasus

The small village of Juta (2150m), an outpost of the Khevsur people from over the mountains to the east, is about 15km along the mostly unpaved Sno Valley road and a starting point for some great hikes. A taxi from Stepantsminda to Juta costs about 80 GEL; for the same price the driver will often wait and take you back again after a few hours if you want.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Great Caucasus attractions

1. Tsminda Sameba Church

8.55 MILES

This 14th-century church 2200m above Stepantsminda has become almost a symbol of Georgia for its incomparably photogenic hilltop setting with mighty Mt…

2. Soviet-Georgian Friendship Monument

16.11 MILES

This highly unusual concrete monument a short distance from the main Georgian Military Hwy and some 4km north of Gudauri is also known as the Gudauri View…

3. Truso Valley

16.83 MILES

The beautiful Truso valley, source of the Tergi River, heads west off the Georgian Military Hwy 17km south of Stepantsminda. It's dotted with ancient…

4. Shatili Old Town

21.72 MILES

This magnificent agglomeration of koshkebi (defensive watchtowers) and atmospheric slate houses packed tightly together on a steep hillside to create one…

5. Anatori Crypts

23.03 MILES

These medieval communal tombs feature still-visible human bones and sit on a promontory above the gorge: in times of plague, infected villagers would…

6. Ananuri Fortress

28.8 MILES

This fortress 66km north of Tbilisi is a classic example of Georgian architecture, enhanced by its superb location overlooking the Zhinvali Reservoir. The…