Must see attractions in Libreville

  • Sights in Libreville

    Musée Nationale des Arts et Traditions du Gabon

    The National Museum of Art and Tradition has exhibitions on tribal crafts and culture, and a great collection of masks and stone carvings. A guided tour (usually only available in French) helps to contextualise a lot of the items on display. Despite the opening hours given, it might not actually be open.

  • Sights in Libreville

    Eglise de St-Michel de Nkembo

    Highly decorated with carved pillars, bright murals and a big statue of St George killing the dragon, this church can hold up to 3000 people. The sculptor of the pillars is renowned artist Zéphirin Lendogno of Lambaréné.

  • Sights in Libreville

    Presidential Palace

    The main 'sight' in town is the golden glass Presidential Palace, a vast seafront monolith from which the Bongo dynasty rules Gabon. It was built in the 1970s and is rumoured to have cost an incredible US$250 million. Security is tight: photography is not welcome and even lingering nearby outside will get you harassed by the guards.