Must see attractions in Rennes

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    Musée des Beaux-Arts

    Extensive collections span the 15th century to the present at the Museum of Fine Arts, plus there is a section devoted to antiquities. The Pont-Aven school is featured, as is a 'curiosity gallery' of antiques and illustrations amassed in the 18th century. It also hosts ever-changing temporary exhibitions.

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    Piscine Saint-Georges

    The amazing building housing these baths makes for an astonishing sight as you walk up Rue Gambetta. Constructed between 1923 and 1926, it was designed by Emmanuel Le Ray in an art nouveau–meets–art deco crossover style. You can see the words 'Piscine Municipale' on an arch above the windows at the front of this beautiful edifice. If you want, you can pop in for a dip.

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    Champs Libres

    Rennes' futuristic cultural centre is home to the Musée de Bretagne, with displays on Breton history and culture. Under the same roof is Espace des Sciences, an interactive science museum, along with a planetarium, a temporary exhibition space and a library.

  • Sights in Rennes

    Cathédrale St-Pierre

    Crowning Rennes' old town is the 17th-century cathedral, which has an impressive, if dark, neoclassical interior adorned with a fabulous ceiling.

  • Sights in Rennes

    Musée de Bretagne

    The excellent Musée de Bretagne contains exhaustive and in-depth displays on Breton history and culture, through to the modern era.

  • Sights in Rennes

    Palais du Parlement de Bretagne

    This 17th-century former seat of the rebellious Breton parliament has, in more recent times, been home to the Palais de Justice. In 1994 this building was destroyed by a fire started by demonstrating fishermen. It was reopened in 2004 after a major restoration and now houses the Court of Appeal. Daily guided tours (request in advance for a tour in English) take you through the ostentatiously gilded rooms. Tour bookings must be made through the tourist office.

  • Sights in Rennes

    Espace des Sciences

    Highly popular with and chiefly aimed at kids, the Espace des Sciences is a fun interactive science museum arranged over two floors, situated in Rennes' sci-fi cultural centre.