Église Collégiale Notre-Dame

Parc Naturel Régional des Volcans d'Auvergne

Dating to the end of the 14th century, the church in Murat's medieval heart bears a few Gothic flourishes from additions made during the 19th century. It's worth looking inside to see the ornate Baroque-inspired altar.

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1. Maison de la Faune

0.05 MILES

Budding zoologists should make a beeline for this 16th-century town house opposite place de l'Hôtel de Ville, which houses over 10,000 insects, including…

2. Rocher de Bonnevie

0.15 MILES

For great views, brave the lung-busting climb to the top of Rocher Bonnevie. From the town centre, this route is about 2.5km; follow the signposts with…

3. Musée de Salers

18.4 MILES

Uncover Salers' history in one of the most enigmatic buildings in town. This former Knights Templar house exposes local history and traditions among its…

4. Maison de la Salers

18.54 MILES

The magnificence of local cattle is the focus of this very French museum, 5km north of Salers. Beef produced in Salers is renowned in France for its rich,…

5. Lac Pavin

26.78 MILES

This midnight-blue crater lake, enclosed by a fuzz of pine trees, lies 6km southwest of Besse. Blasted out of the earth by a volcanic explosion nearly…

6. Le Beffroy

27.75 MILES

One monumental gateway remains of Besse's medieval fortifications, crowned by the octagonal 16th-century Beffroy, the town's most distinctive feature…

7. Musée du Ski

27.81 MILES

An essential stop for diehard snow-heads, this pocket-sized museum exhibits a collection of vintage ski gear, ice skates, snow shoes and wintry miscellany…

8. Basilique de St-Julien

28.13 MILES

The Auvergne's largest Romanesque church is a whopper in design as much as size. Built over the tomb of martyred Saint Julien, and housing a gold…