Musée de la Reddition


The original Allied battle maps are still affixed to the walls of US General Dwight D Eisenhower’s headquarters, where Nazi Germany, represented by General Alfred Jodl, surrendered unconditionally at 2.41am on 7 May 1945, thus ending WWII. Displays include military uniforms and photographs. A 12-minute film is screened in French, English and German.

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1. Porte de Mars

0.21 MILES

For a quick trip back to Roman Gaul, check out the massive Porte de Mars, a three-arched triumphal gate built in the 2nd century AD. The gate was…

2. Halles du Boulingrin

0.29 MILES

The vaulted Halles du Boulingrin were a symbol of Reims’ emergence from the destruction of WWI when they began service as the city’s main food market in…

3. Place Drouet d’Erlon

0.41 MILES

Reims’ pedestrianised main square draws locals in the mood for a bite, a beer or a bit of shopping.

4. Subé Fountain

0.49 MILES

The centrepiece of Place Drouet d'Erlon is the Subé Fountain, built in 1907 and crowned by a gleaming gold statue of Winged Victory.

5. Musée Hôtel Le Vergeur

0.51 MILES

Highlights in this 15th-century townhouse include a series of furnished period rooms (kitchen, smoking room, Napoléon III’s bedroom), some 50 wood…

6. Cryptoportique

0.52 MILES

One of Reims' Roman standouts, the below-street-level Cryptoportique is thought to have been used for grain storage in the 3rd century AD.

7. Chapelle Foujita

0.57 MILES

The last great work by the Japanese-born artist Tsuguharu (Léonard) Foujita (1886–1968) is an arresting melange of Japanese and Italian Renaissance styles…

8. Église St-Jacques

0.58 MILES

The 12th- to 14th-century Église St-Jacques, the city’s only remaining medieval parish church, has some 1960s stained glass that’s so awful it has to be…