Sotkamon kirkko

Central Finland

Sotkamo's 19th-century wooden church rises above the treeline on the lake shore.

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1. Kainuun Museo

21.1 MILES

Near the train station, the town museum has a good permanent exhibition on Kajaani’s history from prehistoric times to the mid-1900s, including…

2. Kajaanin Linna

21.41 MILES

Picturesquely set on a river island in the town centre, Kajaani's castle was constructed between 1604 and 1619 to guard the Swedish border from Russia,…

3. Eino Leino-Talo

24.99 MILES

The Eino Leino-Talo is a re-creation of the place where Leino, one of Finland’s foremost independence-era poets, was born in 1878. It’s a lovely lakeside…

4. Paltaniemen kuvakirkko

25.1 MILES

Paltaniemi's enchantingly weathered wooden church was built in 1726 and contains some of Finland’s most interesting church paintings: rustic 18th-century…

5. Hiidenportti National Park

25.93 MILES

Sprawling 48km southeast of Sotkamo, this national park surrounds forests and boggy flatlands, and is laced with 30km of marked hiking trails. The…