Paltaniemen kuvakirkko

Central Finland

Paltaniemi's enchantingly weathered wooden church was built in 1726 and contains some of Finland’s most interesting church paintings: rustic 18th-century works full of life and colour that enliven the roof and walls. Above the entrance, symbolically representing the dangers of life outside the church, is a vivid scene of hell that was covered for years to avoid offending parish sensibilities.

Alongside the church, what looks like a woodshed is the Keisarintalli, an old stable that was actually used as a boarding house for Tsar Alexander I when he toured Finland in 1819. This simple building (moved from Vuolijoki) was the best accommodation available.

Situated 300m east of the church is the lakeside museum Eino Leino-Talo, which is also worth a visit while you're out this way.

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