Lakeuden Risti church by Alvar Aalto in Seinajoki, Finland.

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Lakeuden Risti Kirkko

Top choice in Finland's West Coast

Alvar Aalto’s crowning achievement, Lakeuden Risti Church, is recognisable by its oddly secular steeple–clock tower (built with funds from a voluntary church tax, by the way). You’ll get a great perspective on the Aalto town centre by taking the lift to the top.

The church itself, completed in 1960, was the first piece of Aalto's work on the Seinäjoki centre. It's a vast interior – with pine benches and marble floors – that exudes lightness and spirit. Aalto also designed most of the interior details, such as the textiles, the lamps and the communion silver, as well as the glorious stained-glass work Streams of South Ostrobothnia.

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