Top choice in Inari

One of Finland's most absorbing museums, state-of-the-art Siida offers a comprehensive overview of the Sámi and their environment. The main exhibition hall consists of a fabulous nature exhibition around the edge, detailing northern Lapland’s ecology by season, with wonderful photos and information panels. The centre of the room has detailed information on the Sámi, from their former seminomadic existence to modern times.

In an adjacent hall is a timeline framing Sámi prehistory and history alongside other world events. Other halls have excellent temporary exhibitions, and a theatrette shows pretty visuals of the aurora borealis and Inarijärvi a few times daily. There’s also a fine craft shop and a good lunch cafe.

Outside, the original Siida museum is a complex of mostly original buildings, including farmhouses, storage huts and a courthouse, where miscreants scratched their names on the wooden walls while awaiting a likely flogging.

The museum's excellent website has comprehensive information on the Inari and Skolt Sámi cultures, accessed via the ‘web exhibitions’ page.