Konso Cultural Centre

Southern Ethiopia

Though more a local resource centre than tourist attraction, there’s a pottery display (ask staff to unlock the rooms) and occasional special exhibitions. It’s 500m before the roundabout.

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1. Konso Museum

0.96 MILES

High above the town, this venture provides a very brief introduction to Konso culture, but it’s the excellent collection of totemistic waga that makes it…

3. Dokatu Market

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Perched on a ridge 2km west of Konso, this atmopheric market proffers grand views over the Rift Valley. For sale, you’ll find women’s traditional skirts,…

4. Home of Chief Kalla Gezahegn

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Chief Kalla Gezahegn is one of the nine Konso clan chiefs. A former civil engineer in Addis Ababa, he speaks fluent English and welcomes (paying) visitors…

6. Arfaide

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Usually a stop on the way to the Lower Omo Valley, Arfaide, 20km out of town along the Jinka road, has a large collection of old waga that were recovered…