Boye Dam

Western Ethiopia

Located 5km southeast of Jimma off the road to Addis, the dam has some good birdwatching opportunities, but take the locals’ claims of hippos with a hippo-sized pinch of salt. There are also caves and hot springs in the vicinity.

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2. Coffee Pot Monument

3.51 MILES

Sits on the main roundabout in the centre of town. It looks like, well, an Ethiopian coffee pot.

3. Jimma Museum

3.58 MILES

Admission to the Muuziyemii Jimmaa includes a guided tour in English of the museum's seven small rooms. We don’t want to steal the guide’s thunder (such…

4. Municipal Buildings

3.61 MILES

If you’re a connoisseur of Italian Fascist architecture, take a peek at Jimma's municipal buildings.

5. Palace of Abba Jiffar

5.54 MILES

Looking more out of America’s Wild West than the Kafa kingdom, the increasingly fragile Palace of Abba Jiffar looks as if a strong wind could blow it away…